Já se sabia que o campeoníssimo piloto de motociclismo Valentino Rossi era um grande adepto da F1, e até que já havia anteriormente experimentado guiar um Ferrari de F1.

Supostamente a título de prémio por mais um campeonato, Rossi esteve na semana passada em Barcelona ao volante do Ferrari F2008, com resultados que só terão surpreendido os incautos: a questão é, agora, a de saber até quando o próprio Rossi e a Ferrari assobiarão para o alto, como se ignorassem o potencial e o talento nato do italiano – para ilustrar os resultados, nada como citar quem sabe

Did anyone believe Valentino Rossi when he said he was trying out a Ferrari F1 car for fun and had no intention to start an F1 career? Certainly the times he put in this week at the Circuit de Catalunya have shown that he has learnt a lot on the Ferrari simulator and can now put it into practice.

The MotoGP champion set a time of 1m21.900s during a qualifying simulation late on Thursday afternoon and although meaningful comparisons are impossible, it looked pretty good to us.

 Rossi was using a 2008 Ferrari chassis fitted with GP2 specification slick tyres. Kimi Raikkonen took pole for the 2008 grid with a 1m21.813s. Kimi had the four-groove tyres which would have slowed him, and the car would not have been as developed for an early-season race as it would have been by the end of the year, but he would have had a much much cleaner track to race on.

 So, Ferrari’s glut of potential drivers continues. Felipe Massa got into the car the day after and completed 400km of running. Surprisingly Ferrari didn’t release any times for Massa, having been quite happy to release times for the ‘bit of fun’ Valentino was having the day before. You’d think it would be the other way round.

 Could it be Ferrari want to sign Valentino to a deal before the world realises how good he could be? He’s got nothing left to prove in Moto GP and, like the return of Schumi, it would send F1 viewing figures soaring. The 2010 ‘Silly Season’ has started before the 2010 season!»

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